vrijdag 14 september 2007

GA Release of jBPM Graphical Process Designer!

Being late with important announcements is becoming a bad habit of mine. The plan was to do a final release mid August right before I went to the beach in Croatia. But as always, right before it had to happen, a number of annoying bugs were reported that I wanted to fix first. These fixes were complete last week, so I was able to release the jBPM jPDL GPD on Friday September 7th. As mentioned earlier, the GPD now fully supports the jPDL language as well as a fair bit of the Seam pageflow language.

So now you should ask yourself why I didn't provide the download links for this new release. Well that is because this week, we managed to do the 3.2.2 release of the core jBPM jPDL platform and the suite. The purpose of course was that this new suite bundle would include the new GPD. But alas, Tom detected a minor glitch that nevertheless had to be fixed before including it. So last Wednesday, September 12th, I released jBPM jPDL GPD 3.1.0 SP1. Yes that is quite a mouthful ;-) This GPD is bundled in the latest jBPM jPDL suite which was released on the same day.

I encourage you to try out both products. Comments and feedback is welcome on our forum. Feature requests and bugs can be filed in JIRA.


P.S. You are probably wondering what happened to my series of jPDL construct discussions. It will certainly continue, but not until after next week as I leave on a hiking trip ;-)