dinsdag 11 maart 2008

New jBPM Website!

I am proud to present the new jBPM website. Some of you might already have seen this as it is online since last Friday. The main idea was to have a central 'landing' page that provides an easy and attractive entry to our site. Each subproject (jPDL, BPEL, PVM, GPD, ...) has now its own page and a context sensitive menu that will direct users directly to the correct location when they want to download a release, file an issue or checkout the sources. Of course our new logo is prominently present on these new pages.

While it is online, a small number of glitches still need to be fixed. Amongst these the demo page and the community page which are still under construction and the overview page. If you find other defects or want to provide feedback, I encourage you to do so by using the forum or dropping me an email directly at koen at jbpm dot org.

Finally I want to mention that this was teamwork and I want to thank everybody involved: Tom Baeyens for reviewing and providing a lot of the content; Alejandro Guizar, Fady Matar and Heiko Braun for the input and feedback; Mark Newton for giving me a jump start on the use of the content management system; Adam Warski for answering all my stupid questions; James Cobb for the layout jobs and the image polishing; and last but not least Cheyenne Weaver for the design of our wonderful new logos.

I hope you will enjoy visiting our site in the future!