woensdag 10 april 2013

From Zero to Java EE in About 20 Minutes

Two weeks ago I went to London to present my quickie 'From Zero to Java EE in 15 Minutes (or Less)' at the Devoxx UK 2013 conference. Congratulations to the team for a fantastic job organizing the first UK version of this amazing conference.

The presentation was mostly a live coding demo using JBoss Forge and JBoss Developer Studio. The catch is that I gave myself the daunting task of creating a Java EE application by reverse engineering entities from an existing database, scaffolding a JSF user interface from these entities and subsequently deploying this application in the cloud.

I had done the presentation in some form a couple of times earlier, among others at DevConf 2013 in Brno and at Devoxx 2012 in Antwerp. But London made a difference: the quickie at Devoxx UK was actually the first one where nothing went wrong and where I was able to finish within the scheduled 15 minutes so I was very happy.

I was actually so happy that I decided to publish a recording of the demo for a wider audience. The recorded version takes about 20 minutes so I again missed my target of 15 minutes but I guess the interested viewer will be able to cope with the 5 extra minutes... ;-)

You can watch the video below.

From Zero to Cloud in Almost No Time from Koen Aers on Vimeo.